The most artistic books of last year have been selected


2018 02 01


The Book Art contest organised by the Ministry of Culture annually was already held for the jubilee 25th time this year. 54 publishers presented 116 books for it, and the most artistically designed and the best printed books issued in Lithuania in 2017 were selected according to the printing and artistic criteria.

This year the main Prize of the Year has been awarded to the artist Lina Itagaki for the innovative presentation of a topical theme, apt use of print and its coherence with persuasive illustrations in the book Sibiro Haiku authored by Jurga Vilė and Lina Itagaki (published by Aukso Žuvys publishing house, printed by Petro Ofsetas).

Six prizes according to thematic groups have been awarded to:

Kamilė Lisauskaitė and illustrator Miglė Anušauskaitė for the unusual juxtaposition of scientific content and popular form in the book Dr. Kvadratas. Greimas ir Jo Semiotika (published by Aukso Žuvys, printed by Petro Ofsetas) – thematic group of Fiction and Essay Writing;

Aušra Kiudulaitė for the sensation of child’s imagination and its professional expression in the book Draugystė Ant Straublio Galo authored by Marius Marcinkevičius (published by Tikra Knyga, printed by BALTO Print) – Books for Children;

Laura Klimaitė and Indrė Klimaitė for the sophisticated and up-to-date design of the book Fortsetzung folgt: Im Zuge der Moderne. Ein Jahrhundert Litauen (1918-2018) compiled by Nerijus Šepetys and Giedrė Jankevičiūtė (published by the Lithuanian Culture Institute, printed by BALTO Print) – Scientific, Other Nonfiction Literature, Textbooks;

Jurgis Griškevičius for the aesthetics of complicated content and structure of visual material in the book Post Ars Partitūra compiled by Agnė Narušytė and Gintaras Zinkevičius (published by M Puslapiai, printed by Kopa) – Art Publications;

Inga Navickaitė for the provocative minimalism in the book of Rimaldas Vikšraitis Homo Vikšraitis (published by Kaunas Photography Gallery, printed by Kopa) – Art and Documentary Photography Publications;

Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė for the original form in the book Kai Lietuva Valdė Pasaulį/When Lithuania Ruled the World authored by Kęstutis Nakas (published by Aukso Žuvys, printed by BALTO Print) – Bibliophilic and Experimental Publications.

Diplomas have been awarded to:

Jokūbas Jacovskis for the contemporary presentation of classics in the book Vanduo Puodelyje authored by Tadeusz Rozewicz, illustrated by Stasys Eidrigevičius (published by Apostrofa, printed by BALTO Print);

Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė for the persuasive concept of design in the book We Thought We’d be Back Soon: 18 Stories of Refugees 1940-1944 authored by Dalia Cidzikaitė, Laima Petrauskas VanderStoep, Dalia Stakė Anysas (published by Aukso Žuvys, printed by BALTO Print);

Ieva Babilaitė for non-standard approach in the book Baisiai Gražūs Eilėraščiai authored by Daiva Čepauskaitė (published by Žalias Kalnas, printed by Standartų Spaustuvė);

Artūras Širinas and Justina Norkutė-Širin for interactive design in the book Vilniaus Arkikatedros Mįslės authored by Violeta Indriūnienė, Rita Pauliukevičiūtė, Alina Pavasarytė, Birutė Valečkaitė (published by the Church Heritage Museum, printed by S. Jokūžys Publishing-Printing House);

Gedas Čiuželis for the proper selection of materials and design while revealing the theme in the book Dailės Istorikas ir Kritikas Mikalojus Vorobjovas (1903-1954) of two volumes compiled by Giedrė Jankevičiūtė (R. Paknys Publishing House, printed by Petro Ofsetas);

Elona Marija Ložytė for aesthetical presentation of nonfiction content in the book of Motiejus Kazimieras Sarbievijus Maršalo Lazda, Parodyta Laidojant LDK Maršalą Joną Stanislovą Sapiegą“ (published by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, printed by Petro Ofsetas);

Miglė Rudaitytė for the unexpectedly expanded limits of the genre in the book Proud of Lithuania. A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root prepared by Sweet Root (published by Dvi Tylos, printed by BALTO Print);

Martynas Gintalas for the elegant synthesis of view and text in the book Žemaitijos Balsai ir Daiktai: Juvelyrika, Mažoji Plastika, Eilėraščiai authored by Eglė Čejauskaitė-Gintalė and Viktorija Daujotytė (published by Porta Artis, printed by BALTO Print);

Rūta Mozūraitė for the demure classics in the book Vytautas Kasiulis. Viena-Bresgau Freiburgas-Paryžius compiled by Ilona Mažeikienė and Laima Bialopetravičienė (published by the Lithuanian Art Museum, printed by Standartų Spaustuvė);

Gytis Skudžinskas for the purposeful direction in the book Pergalės ir pralaimėjimai/Victories and Defeats, photographer Romualdas Požerskis (published by Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Photographers Association, printed by BALTO Print);

Vilmantas Dambrauskas for the original image created through design and photography in the book Universitas Doctorum et Studentium. Šiaulių Universiteto Bendruomenės Portretai (published by Šiauliai University Publishing House, printed by Šiaulių Spaustuvė);

Gytis Skudžinskas for the experimental interpretation of bibliophilic tradition in the book Scenos/Stages authored by Dainius Liškevičius, Alvydas Lukys, Vilma Samulionytė, Gytis Skudžinskas, Darius Žiūra (published by Nerutina/NoRoutineBooks, printed by Druka).

Artists, publishers and printers of the awarded books will traditionally be handed in diplomas at Vilnius Book Fair in LITEXPO Exhibition Centre on 22 February at 12 at noon.

An exhibition of books that have won the contest will also be displayed at the Book Fair; also, a catalogue published for this purpose will be presented.