The Minister of Culture visiting Krakow: The legacy of Czesław Miłosz brings Lithuania closer to Poland


2019 06 07


Visiting Minister of Culture Mindaugas Kvietkauskas, who is visiting Poland for a working visit, participated in the Czesław Miłosz Festival, met with the Krakow city mayor’s Commissioner for Culture Robert Piaskowski, and the historian of literature at Jagiellonian University, professor Joanna Zach.

The delegation visited an apartment where Czesław Miłosz had lived until his death. The issues of cultural cooperation, and the adaptation of the apartment itself to creative activities were discussed here. When it will be taken over by Krakow City Municipality, the seminars on Czesław Miłosz, residencies for writers and translators will be organized here.

It is also was spoken about Czesław Miłosz stairs, which are planned to open in Krakow this autumn. The poet’s stairs in the city of his youth – Vilnius, were reared three years ago by the efforts of our country and the Polish authorities. In the autumn, there will also be a conference dedicated to Czesław Miłosz. The Minister of Culture M. Kvietkauskas drew attention to the importance of developing cooperation of institutions related to Czesław Miłosz’s creative activities, promote mutual exchange of ideas.

“I am visiting Czesław Miłosz’s apartment for the second time already. For the first time, I met here Czesław Miłosz himself – I was preparing a text about his, yet young poet, meeting with Oscar Milosz in Paris, and contacts established thereafter with the Lithuanian embassy in France, as well as with Petras Klimas, Juozas Urbšys, Juozas Keliuotis.

Today we come back to Czesław Miłosz, his creative legacy, and the poet arises as a thread uniting Lithuania and Poland, opening new facets of intercultural cooperation bringing the two countries together”, – said the Minister of Culture M. Kvietkauskas.

In Krakow, the Minister visited Jagiellonian University, where he discussed the perspectives of Lithuanian philology studies and joint projects related to Lithuanian language and literature with representatives of the academic community.

The Minister M. Kvietkauskas also visited the International Cultural Centre and met with its Director Dr. Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik. This centre is an important partner of Lithuania, both sides are actively cooperating in the field of culture: the 5th International Congress of Cultural Heritage will be held this autumn, where Lithuania is going to be a major guest; during the Lithuanian Culture Season “Lithuania in Krakow” in 2015, the International Culture Center hosted an exhibition of M. K. Čiurlionis’ creative works, and a comprehensive catalog of M. K. Čiurlionis’ works was published on this occasion; the modernist architecture of Kaunas was widely presented at the exhibition held in 2018; also, literary and academic cooperation takes place.

Krakow was officially designated UNESCO City of Literature in 2015. Vilnius is also considering the possibility of application for such status.