The Already 11th Digital Week Started


2020 03 24


This week the entire Europe commemorates the Digital Week, an annual digital inclusion and empowerment campaign. Considering the current global situation, it perfectly reveals the importance of digital skills to a modern person and the abundance of activities we can do online.

This initiative aims to raise public awareness of the importance of digital skills at work and in everyday life. Each year, the campaign helps at least 100 000 Europeans to discover technology and its benefits. This year the Digital Week highly focuses on critical thinking and its importance.

All the events of this week are broadcasted online. New broadcasts, educational videos, daily topics, interactive lectures and tests are available each day.

According to statistics, the digital literacy level of 43% of the EU population is low,  35% of the employed  people do not have the basic digital skills, 29% are not sure if they can recognize misinformation, while 13% of the EU population does not use the Internet at all.

The Digital Week is being organized for the 11th time across Europe.

You can join the activities of the Digital Week here.