Possibilities of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in Lithuania were discussed


2018 06 14


The Board members of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area came for a visit to Lithuania. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the planning, conception and strategy issues of the cultural programme for 2014-2021.

The meetings with the representatives of the Ministry of Culture and various cultural areas drew main attention to identification of challenges in the cultural sector and purification pf possible solutions. The Lithuanian suggestions regarding the draft conception of the programme were approved in essence and the goals and main outcomes of the programme were agreed.

According to the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism, 7 million euros were planned for the cultural programme and 1,235 million euros of the National Contribution were planned.

In order to make use of the opportunities provided by the programme more effectively, it was decided to get the representatives of communities, self-governmental, business, cultural institutions, various non-governmental organizations and organizers of cultural projects involved.

It was agreed that the conception of the future culture programme should reflect the increase of mobility of cultural and artistic services in the regions and inducement to exchange knowledge and good practice in the area of maintenance of objects of cultural heritage, as well as partnership of cultural and artistic institutions with local communities, self-governmental and business sectors.

The relevant problems in the field of culture also became evident in the meetings. These are management and maintenance of cultural heritage, cultural education, accessibility of cultural services and their quality in the regions.

The Board members also met the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Central Project Management Agency and the interested parties.

The operator of this programme is Central Project Management Agency, while the Ministry of Culture is the programme’s partner responsible for formation of the conception and the content.