Minister Ruokytė-Jonsson at the Edinburgh International Culture Summit


2018 08 23


Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson is taking part in the two-day International Culture Summit in Edinburgh today. Culture ministers, leaders of global cultural policy, discuss the role of culture, its synergy and creativity in various fields.

Delegations from 44 European, Asian, Australian and American countries came to this forum. Its agenda includes topics for culture and investment, culture and prosperity, and cultural networking in the world. The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate positive changes in cultural policy and investment and share good practices. It will also involve intensive networking among the specialists in the field of culture and government decision-makers. The impact of cultural advancement on the economy and globalization processes, as discussed in the forum, furthers the implementation of an important objective – creation of an effective cultural policy model that would have a long-term global effect.

‘The Edinburgh International Culture Summit is an important platform to foster co-operation between artists, practitioners, thinkers and cultural policy makers around the world. The exchange of experience and ideas encourages positive changes and consistent strengthening of the role of culture in the life of the state’, said L. Ruokytė-Jonsson.

According to the Minister of Culture, it is important that the forum raises three key issues: the promotion of cultural diversity, investment in culture in accordance with the needs of local communities, and the cultural impact of culture on the well-being of an individual. These issues are discussed at the forum by the world’s leading cultural leaders, academics, cultural politicians, and this polylogue is relevant to both Lithuania and any other country in the world due to the universality of these topics.

At the summit, the Minister of Culture of Lithuania will attend bilateral and multilateral meetings, discussing and evaluating possible areas of co-operation between the countries, presenting Lithuania’s experience in pursuing policies that would be more sustainable, more accessible to the wider society, and promote cultural diversity.

According to Fiona Jane Hyslop, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, there is no other summit in the world that will bring together so many cultural leaders from around the world. The summit provides unique opportunities for building new relationships of co-operation and revitalizing the old ones.

Vice Minister of Culture Gintautė Žemaitytė and Culture Manager and Head of production house dedicated to the creation and promotion of new music theatre through diverse cross-disciplinary artistic collaborations ‘Operomanija’ Ana Ablamonova also attend the discussions of the world cultural summit.

The Edinburgh International Cultural Summit is organised in collaboration with the British Council, the Scottish Parliament, Governments of Scotland and the United Kingdom, and the International Edinburgh Festival.

Today Minister Ruokytė-Jonsson also intends to meet with the representatives of the Collective Gallery of Edinburgh and in the evening she will attend the concert of the best European young performers.