Minister of Culture: “Lithuanian Centenary Song Festival – the symbol of our unity and strength”


2018 07 06


The Centenary Song Festival “In the name of…” that has just ended attracted thousands of spectators. 36 thousand participants took part in the Ensembles’ Evening in Kalnai Park, in the Dance Day, final concert of the Song Day and in other events. They gave joy and pride in their country to Lithuania.

Mrs. L. Ruokytė-Jonsson, Lithuanian Minister of Culture, has expressed her gratitude to the organizers and art directors of the Song Festival: “The Song Festival was woven in the emotional threads of unity and love to Lithuania. It was a real centenary song festival. It allowed all the Lithuanians, who live here, who have come to the festival and who are spread around the world to feel themselves as the people of the Lithuanian Centenary. The nation of four million.”

According to the Minister of Culture, the talent, experience, and patient work of art directors, conductors and choreographers contributed to creation of impressive anniversary of the Song Festival. “I would like to express sincere thanks for having ignited the creative spark, from which the Song Festival was born, for having reinforced live to songs and our national traditions in the hearts of Lithuanians in the entire world. You have given an event worth of the Lithuanian Centenary,” – says Mrs. Minister.

The anniversary, the twentieth Song Festival 2018 “In the name of…” was dedicated to commemoration of the centenary of the restored independence of Lithuania. The Lithuanian national anthem “National Song” served as a ground for the festival’s ideas and connection of all its events.

The programmes of this year’s festival consisted of the Folklore Day dedicated to traditional culture, the Ensembles’ Evening (colourful, theatricalized and stylized presentation of the Lithuanian origins), and the Dance Day, the basis of which was dance compositions created by professional choreographers and interpreting Lithuanian customs and symbols.

The programme was supplemented by the Theatre Day, the Folk Art Exhibition, concerts and parades of the national instrument – kanklės (plucked string instrument), brass bands, events of professional creation, and processions of the festival’s participants. The festival ended with the Song Day, when one huge choir of 12 thousand singers sang the Lithuanian national anthem at 9 pm together with the Lithuanian residents and other Lithuanians spread around the world.