Lithuanian “Pavilion of Swamps” in the Venice Architecture Biennale – Information and Ideas sent by the Lithuanian Nature to Global World


2018 05 25

TheSwampPavilion_Norbert Tukaj_IMG_0087.jpg

Today Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson is opening the Lithuanian “Pavilion of Swaps” in the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. This project of natural ecosystem encourages to search conceptually for the links between the county’s uniqueness and global processes or processes of the architectural world, and analyzes necessity of living in harmony for all the forms of life in presence of threats to existence. Lithuania has its own pavilion for the first time in the most important architectural event – two years ago the Baltic States were exhibiting their architectural ideas in common space.

“This year in the Venetian Biennale is of historical importance and significance for our country. Lithuania celebrating the centenary of the restored State introduces itself in own pavilion for the first time, – says Mrs. Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, Minister of Culture. – We are proud that our incredible nature, mechanisms of its renewal and vitality can serve as sources of bold thoughts and inspiration while discussing the future of architecture in front of global processes. The rich ecosystems of the Lithuanian swamps have many encoded creative ideas that are developed in the “Pavilion of Swamps” and at school. Anyone, who enters the Lithuanian pavilion, will definitely memorize its “brains” and will be able to touch our natural swamp brought to Venice and planted here.”

The complex project of the Lithuanian “Pavilion of Swamps” created by the fair’s mentors – artists, researchers of the School of Architecture and Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonai, consists of different components: lecture, creative workshops, expeditions and the pavilion itself. This space is located between two main areas of the biennale – Gardini and Asrenale, called “The Swamp School”.

According to the pavilion’s mentors, this infrastructure covers design, pedagogical and artistic experiments. One of the main accents of the pavilion is the swamp earth excavated in Šepeta peatbog in Kupiškis district and replanted into the specially prepared basin together with all the plants. The carbon filters cleaning the water and special illumination were installed to create as natural environment for the plants as possible.

The sensory experiences and senses receive special attention in the pavilion – two special installations were created for this purpose. The olfactory areas, artificial intelligence and bioenergetic devices may be found in other spaces. That is the main part of the researches of the “Pavilion of Swamps” ongoing for more than a year.

According to the Minister of Culture, the exclusive project “Pavilion of Swamps” developed by the mentors Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonai and the pavilion’s commissioner Pippo Ciorra for more than a year opens the door to the world and encourages to search for alternative architectural opportunities in rich natural ecosystems. It is symbolic that the Lithuanian pavilion is presented in the historical city that stands on water and understands well the temporality of architecture.

The Lithuanian pavilion will be opened on the 25th of May at 4 pm and will operate until the 25th of November. This year 71 participants are taking place in the Venice Architecture Biennale and 63 national pavilions are presented.