Lithuanian Hall at Seinai Theological College


2018 02 15


In commemoration of the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Hall was opened in the house of Seinai Theological College. The installation of the hall was financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

“In 2018, Lithuania mentions the centenary of the restoration of the state. February 16th both a hundred years ago and today shows how important liberty, unity and culture for Lithuanians are. The heritage, as one of the essential parts of culture, has formed and is forming our identity. Respect to the language, culture, and cultural heritage is a sign of respect and love to our homeland,” says Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson.

An exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania will be presented at the Lithuanian hall opened at the Seinai Theological College. It is planned to organize educational classes, history lessons for schoolchildren of Lithuanian and Polish schools in the new premises. The installation of the Lithuanian hall will contribute to the commemoration of personalities that are significant to the culture and history of Lithuania, and will an example of Lithuanian-Polish cooperation to be followed. According to the representatives of the Lithuanian community, this is a very important step in preserving Lithuanian identity and culture.

Many prominent personalities of Lithuania studied at the Seinai Theological College founded in 1826: doctor Vincas Kudirka, writer Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas, bishop Justinas Staugaitis, prelate Mykolas Krupavičius, etc. The Lithuanian classic of poetry, bishop Antanas Baranauskas also lived and worked in Seinai.

Deputy Minister of Culture Gytis Andrulionis also attended the festive opening.