Lithuanian and Polish experts visit the objects of sacral heritage in Vilnius


2017 05 18


On 18 May, the two day bilateral meeting of the cultural heritage conservation experts of Lithuania and Poland came to an end in Vilnius. During the meeting, the representatives of the both countries emphasised the progress achieved by the both countries in the fields of restoration, conservation and research of significant cultural heritage. The experts evaluated the results of the activities of the established bilateral permanent working group in supervising works carried out in the sacral heritage objects of high significance in Vilnius.

Vice-Ministers of Culture of Lithuania and Poland Renaldas Augustinavičius and Jarosław Sellin, together with the cultural heritage experts of the both countries, visited the Franciscan Church of the Assumption of The Holy Virgin Mary, Dominican Church of Holy Spirit, Bernard's Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and Chapel of the Gates of Dawn and made themselves familiar with the management works carried out in these objects of cultural heritage, evaluated possibilities for further cooperation and its continuation.

Management works, architectural and polychromic research were carried out in these objects of cultural heritage from the national budget of Lithuania. In 2017, management design of the complex of Rasos cemetery was drawn. Since October 2016, preventive protection and research of A. G. Casparini's organ of Vilnius Church of Holy Spirit, which is one of the most significant organs in Vilnius, were carried out, restoration of the organ is planned.

In the last three years, about 1 million euros from the national budget of Lithuania and municipal budget of Vilnius City was assigned to the management works of the above-mentioned objects of cultural heritage. For the period 2007-2013, over two million euros was granted from the EU structural support for preservation of the ensemble of Bernard's Monastery (additional 460 000 euros is planned to be allocated). Over five million euros from the EU structural support is assigned for the period of 2014-2020 for management works of the Chapel of Gates of Dawn and Church of Saint Theresa and Rasos cemetery. In the management of these objects, in particular when restoring the wall paintings and gravestones, close cooperation is carried out with the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage of Poland.  

In recent years, in cooperation of the ministries of both countries, a number of important projects were implemented – in September 2016, information plaques to commemorate Nobel prize's laureate Czesław Miłosz were officially opened at the junction of Bokšto and O. Šimaitės streets in the old town of Vilnius. At the same place, the stairs with the fragments of the poet's verses in Lithuanian and Polish were officially opened. Lithuania and Poland are actively cooperating in order to create the cultural road 'Europe of Jagiellonian dynasty', which would receive a certificate of the Cultural Roads of the European Council. The third stage of the international project Ostbalticum was successfully implemented, during which in cooperation between Lithuanian and Polish experts, the highly valuable archaeological inventory of Kaunas Governorate was developed, which in 1907 was compiled by Mykolas Eustachijus Brenteinas in Telšiai (the volume was published in Polish, Lithuanian and English). 'Užutrakis' project is further implemented, during which in cooperation with Polish museums, exhibitions highlighting the culture of the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries are held, other cooperation projects are implemented.  

The 11th meeting of the cultural heritage preservation experts' group of Lithuania and Poland will be held in Poland.