Lithuania and Germany – close and long-term cultural relations surpassing boundaries of centuries


2018 07 07


On the 07th of July, Mrs. Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, Lithuanian Minister of Culture, met Mrs. Monika Grütters, Minister of Culture and Media of the Federal Republic of Germany. They discussed bilateral cooperation in the areas of culture and art, and input of cultural organizations into the commemoration of the Centenary of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State in Lithuania and Germany that topped their long-term joint activities.

“Lithuania and Germany have close historical and cultural relations that surpass centuries. They are also linked by common cultural heritage,” – said Minister Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson and thanked for exhibition held in the Palace of the Grand Dukes that was formed from the Dresden State art collections and called “The Saxon Electors – the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Court Culture and Art under the Reign of Augustus II and Augustus III”, as well as for the visit to the Song Festival.

The Minister Monika Grütters shared her impressions from the Song Festival and noted that it is a wonderful tradition and the example that should be followed by Germany.

According to L. Ruokytė-Jonsson, we can learn a lot from Germany, how to form cultural policy, as this experience is important for development of cultural variety. Lithuania wants to increase accessibility to culture in the regions, to improve cultural education and to implement the reform of cultural heritage system. M. Grütters stressed that these directions of activities are also topical for Germany.

“Lithuania celebrating the centenary of the Restoration of the State is spreading a message that it is necessary to preserve and to actualize the heritage,” – said the Lithuanian Minister of Culture.

The meeting was used to discuss the year of European cultural heritage and accents of national programmes. Lithuania pays major attention to modernism that flourished in the interwar period.

The Lithuanian and German Ministers of Culture also discussed further strengthening of bilateral cultural relations

Mrs. M. Grütters, German Minister of Culture and Media invited Mrs. L. Ruokytė-Jonsson, Lithuanian Minister of Culture, to the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019.