Focus on culture in Davos


2018 01 23


On Monday, the Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson attended the opening session of the World Economic Forum, which was dedicated for a discussion on the reconciliation of community identities and pluralism.

“I am glad that the World Economic Forum in Davos is also attended by cultural policy makers this year,” the Minister of Culture L. Ruokytė-Jonsson noted. “The attitude that the solutions of global economic and social problems can also be grounded on culture is getting stronger. It is of high importance while building a sustainable future society.”

The most influential representatives of politics and business, public activists, opinion leaders, academicians and heads of international corporations meet in Davos annually. This year the forum will be dedicated for a discussion on the creation of common future in the fragmented world.

On 21–22 January the Minister of Culture took part in the Conference of European Ministers of Culture in Davos, where the importance of cultural environment while forming a culture-based integrated approach towards the built environment and cultural heritage was discussed.

The Minister of Culture will be back in Vilnius on 23 January.