EU investment will open cultural heritage sites to cultural and educational activities


2018 03 06


Taking into account expert recommendations, more than EUR 2.38 m of EU structural investment was allocated to cultural sites.

According to Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, a large part of the European Union investment is allocated to the regions to develop cultural services, preserve and use for public needs the national cultural heritage, modernised too old and unsafe cultural sites that no longer meet the public interest.

‘Renovated manors and other historically and architecturally valuable buildings will be used for public, cultural events. They will house museums, cultural spaces, open also to communities and tourists’, noted the Minister of Culture.

In a tender procedure, the following projects were selected:

  • Renovation of the Lentvaris Manor (Trakai district) and its adaptation to cultural needs. A museum with permanent exhibition is planned here.
  • Adaptation of the Abromiškės Manor (Elektrėnai district) to public needs.
  • Adaptation of the Kaltanėnai Manor granary (Šilalė district) to cultural needs. The manor is to be used for exhibitions of the Lithuanian Nature Museum and a tourism information centre.
  • Preservation of the valuable features of the Ohel Jaakov Choral Synagogue (Kaunas). Concerts, exhibitions, educational activities and tours are planned there.
  • Putting to use the cultural-heritage building at Žvejų st. 18 (Klaipėda). This building will house a hotel, restaurant and museum exhibition which will present the building’s history and related historical contexts.
  • Adaptation of the Pac Palace (Vilnius) to public needs. After the reconstruction, an amber jewellery and crafted goods shop and a gallery will be established in the palace.
  • Renovation and adaptation of the boat and yacht workshop at the Paulius Lindenau shipyard (Klaipėda) building complex to museum ad educational activities.
  • Renovation of the cultural-heritage object at K. Donelaičio st. 19 (Kaunas).

Currently, the total amount of signed agreements for project funding is EUR 102.67 m.

The Ministry of Culture administers EUR 199 m of the EU funds allocated to Lithuania for the period of 2014–2020.