Discussion About National Concert Hall Project Held at the Ministry of Culture


2020 01 10

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A discussion was held at the Ministry of Culture on Friday regarding the implementation of the project of the Small Hall at "Tautos Namai", the National Concert Hall.

The discussion was attended by the representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Vilnius City Municipality, the National Philharmonic Society, the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra and other organisations and associations of music, film and performing arts, festival organisers, NGOs, etc.

The discussion focused on the possibilities of adapting the Small Hall for different types of art. The need for the hall's space was discussed, as well as the capabilities of modifying it for events of different formats: the size of the stage, transformation possibilities, the hall's compatibility with the specifics of performing arts, and matters related to machinery were considered.

The technical specifications that were debated during the discussion will be passed on to the Project Management Group of the National Concert Hall operating under the Vilnius City Municipality.

Discussions will also continue regarding other spaces of the project of the National Concert Hall "Tautos Namai".