Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson

Professional experience:


2016 - present                   The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

2012 – 2016                      The Head of the Division for Film Promotion, Information and Heritage, Lithuanian Film Centre under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

2008 – 2012                      Cultural attaché of the Republic of Lithuania for the Kingdom of Denmark, to the Republic of Iceland, and to the Kingdom of Norway, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Kingdom of Denmark and to the Republic of Iceland

1999 – 2008                      Cultural attaché of the Republic of Lithuania to for the Kingdom of Sweden, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Kingdom of Sweden 

1997 – 1998                      Project leader for establishing the Baltic Cultural Centre at Hässelby Castle, Stockholm

1997 – 2003                      Vice-chairwoman and chairwoman of the Association for Baltic-Nordic Cultural Exchange

1993 – 1998                       Freelance contributor for Baltic Media Ltd, Stockholm

1994 – 1997                       Actress at the theatre company Cinnober, Stockholm 

1992 – 1999                       The Head of the Chancery, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Kingdom of Sweden

1991 – 1992                        Journalist at Sveriges Radio, Sweden

1987 – 1991                       Actress at the theatre company Pilies teatras (Castle Theatre), Klaipėda

1986 – 1987                      Artistic director, Klaipėda Construction Trust House of Culture 



1995 – 1997               MA degree at Acting and Theatre directing studies at The World Theatre Training Institute, Berlin

1987 – 1992               BA degree at Theatre directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

1973 – 1984                Secondary School No. 10, Klaipėda



Social activities:


2003 - 2016                       A member of expert board at the international poetry festival “Poetinis  Druskininkų ruduo” (The poetic autumn of Druskininkai)

2001 – 2016                      A member of the editorial board of the cultural magazine Kultūros barai (Cultural Realms)

1999- 2003                        The Head of the Baltic - North countries’ association of cultural exchanges




2015 - the Swedish Medal of the Royal Order of the Polar Star for the achievements in the development of cultural relations between Sweden and Lithuania


2005 - the main prize of  “LT identity” from the Lithuanian Institute for the best presentation of the Lithuanian Culture abroad in 2004


2005 - the award for the Best Translator to foreign languages from the Lithuania’s Writers Association




Fluent in Lithuanian (native language), Swedish, English, Danish, and Russian.




Last updated: 15-03-2017